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I blame you, food, party, and wedding bloggers. I blame each and every one of you for my current obsession with s’mores. It all started innocently enough a few weeks back when it was national S’mores Day so of course many of the blogs I read in my Google Reader included fun stories and cute ideas for s’mores. For the normal, un-sweet-tooth-tempted person, this might not be an issue. But since I am powered by sugar (literally, fill my gas tank, watch me go) this tribute to the s’more has been a curse for my waist line.
First, it started innocently enough. I needed a cupcake for a photo shoot, and decided I’d get one for myself too while popping into Kara’s Cupcakes inconveniently located on my street. It was in one word, heaven. Graham cracker base, delicious chocolate cupcake, and topped with marshmallow frosting. Yum.

Last weekend, once again, I needed some cupcakes for another photo shoot. This time, I went to American Cupcake. I love them for shoots because they’ll make frosting in any color and have lots of fun doodads for topping your cupcakes. My rating on this cupcake? I’d give it an overall B. It was fine, nothing worth writing home about. I shared it, if that gives you an idea.
Tonight, I was once again put to the test. I attended Off the Grid in Fort Mason where all the greatest food trucks in San Francisco come together for a fun Friday night street party. Little did I know that Kika’s Treats would be there. I hadn’t heard of Kika’s until tonight, but once I saw people walking around holding some delicious looking s’mores, I had to find them. These little gems start with a caramelized graham cracker, a second chocolate dipped graham cracker, a homemade marshmallow, and then they’re torched with a creme brulee torch. Verdict? Amazing.
Photo credit: Munchie Musings
Which leads me to the issue we’re at now. I need to call a s’moratorium on my s’mores consumption. As much as I love them, I really shouldn’t be having them once a week.  I hope by way of writing this blog post I can let go of my newest sweet obsession.  One can only hope….
P6040965Want to know my s’mores secret for when I’m making them? Someone (can’t remember who for the life of me, or what magazine) tipped me off to using Le Petit Ecolier cookies when camping for s’mores. While we all love Hershey’s or a piece of chocolate wedged in there, what’s great about Le Petit Ecolier is the chocolate actually melts once the hot marshmallow touches the cookie, creating an instant delicious (and easy) treat. I’ve pretty much only had them this way since learning this tip. ENJOY!! 
Photo credit: She’s a Betty
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