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Will You Be THAT Bride?

Wedding Planning Tips

I was at the dry cleaner last night, waiting my turn and the girl in front of me was trying on a bridesmaid’s dress. She then said to the owner, “OK, the bride said the dress needs to be hemmed to be two and a half inches above the middle of my knee cap”. I couldn’t help but snicker and gave the girl a sympathetic look.

A couple things went through my mind…. why the middle of the knee cap? Why the length specified to half-inch increments? I mean I get it, I understand wanting the girls’ dresses to all look like they’re relatively the same length, but wow, that was the most specific alteration direction I’d ever heard.

Which brings me to the question, will you be THAT bride?

Will you tell the girls exactly how to wear their hair?
Will you specify what color nail polish (hands and feet) they should wear?
Will you make specific requirements as to the jewelry?
Will they be required to wear the exact same shoes?

I am not saying there is anything particularly wrong with giving your girls direction, but I also think these girls are your best friends for a reason, and I say, give them a little leeway. Let them wear their hair in a style that flatters them. Let them pick the strapless or v-neck version of the bridesmaids dress. Trust that they’re going to wear a nice shade of nail polish — does it really matter if it is Ballet Slippers versus Mademoiselle?

What do you think? What will be your non-negotiables for your bridesmaids? Or if you’ve been a bridesmaid, what’s the craziest request you’ve gotten from a bride?

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