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Five Quick Tips with Vané Boussard, Founder, Brooklyn Bride

Wedding Planning Tips

I’m thrilled to share today’s five quick tips from Vané Broussard the interior designer/blogger behind Brooklyn Bride. Her site was the first bridal blog to focus exclusively on modern weddings, and Vané has always had a knack for finding up-and-coming vendors. I had the pleasure of meeting Vané a few years ago when we were both at a Martha Stewart show taping, and Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings introduced us. We both had blogs and were dipping our feet into the bridal industry pool, if you will.

Photo credit:  Belathée Photography

We asked Vané to share her Five Quick Tips, so without further ado…

1.  Don’t feel like you have to follow trends…it’s your wedding, do what YOU want, not what’s necessarily popular at the moment.

2. Hire vendors you trust…you won’t have to stress so much the day of.

3. Allow your significant other “veto” power. 🙂

4. Take your bridal portraits before the wedding…you should get to enjoy the cocktail hour as much as your guests!

5. Don’t try to take on too many DIY projects…as cute as they are, its not worth the added stress.

Vané shares some thoughts about her own big day…

Favorite thing about my wedding:
Spending an amazing day with my family and friends! Even though some things didn’t go completely according to plan, it honestly didn’t matter because I was having so much fun!

What’s I would’ve changed:
If I could change one thing, there wasn’t much, but I guess I would have wanted the weather to behave a little more  For our photos before the wedding, it was nice and sunny outside, but once we got to the reception, it got all overcast, so our views of NYC weren’t the best.

Wonderful tips, Vané!  Thanks for sharing them with our brides. (And I have to put in a quick plug for the photographer team, Belathée Photography, who took Vané’s gorgeous photo — their names are Annabel and Dorothee. They’re as lovely as they are talented. Check them out if you’re not familiar with their work).

If you would like to be featured in Five Quick Tips, please contact me at info AT amynichols DOT com.

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