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Five Quick Tips from Floral Designer, Natalie Bowen + Our 100th Post!

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What a treat to have the incredible floral designer, Natalie Bowen, owner of Natalie Bowen Designs, giving us her Five Quick Tips this week! In addition, this is our 100th post in 2010 – wow!

Natalie’s passion started very early, as her grandmother was also a florist.  She grew up around flowers and has literally been surrounded by them her entire life. Along the way, she developed an amazing talent for designing them in a modern and creative way!

In addition to her website, you can also see more of her work by visiting her blog.

Here are Natalie’s Five Quick Tips:

1.  Hire a planner. It will help the entire process be smoother for you and all your vendors. Even if you think your wedding is “too small,” or you “can do it yourself,” it really helps to have another person there to bounce ideas off of and to take over when it is time for you to just enjoy the big day. It also helps vendors to have a point person to talk to, so they are not bothering the bride the night before her wedding and on the wedding day itself!

2.  Gather images that inspire you — this is especially important for me as a florist.  Seeing what someone wants to communicate visually is what helps me “see” their overall vision. Many people are worried that because they don’t know the names of flowers they won’t be able to describe what they want. This isn’t a concern with images.

3.  Know where you are flexible. Know your “must-haves” and must “have-nots.” In terms of flowers, let you florist know the flowers you really want and really don’t want. Let them be creative and let the season inspire them in between. You will have a much better product if there is some wiggle room to choose what is most beautiful and available on the day of your wedding.

4.  Don’t try and do it all! Choose the projects that are most important to you and that you will enjoy most and don’t worry about the other things. The process of the wedding planning lasts much longer than the wedding itself, so be sure you enjoy it. Remember, you may always delegate, too!

5.  Trust yourself. You will get a lot of input, so be sure that you design and plan, the wedding that you want to have. In the end, it really is about you on this day!

Natalie shares a few thoughts about her upcoming wedding….

1. I am not married yet, but I am engaged and planning a wedding for next June. The process has been a great experience and I have learned a lot about what my clients are experiencing when I do their flowers. Because I know the business, I wanted to hire the vendors I knew I wanted right away. Hiring a wedding planner (Amy!) was one of the best decisions I made and I cannot believe the amount of information she has passed on to me. I also knew the photographer I wanted long before my fiancé popped the question, so I booked him immediately!

2. The part of the planning process I have enjoyed the most has also been the most challenging. My fiancé is an architect and an incredible designer, so we are both 100% all about the design and look of the wedding. His taste tends to be on the more modern side and mine on the more feminine vintage side, so finding a happy medium has taken some thought and time. While this has proved to be difficult at times, it has been a great learning process for us and a great lesson in the compromises of marriage!

3. My fiancé made me an “engagement” floral arrangement on the night he proposed. He said he couldn’t ask me to marry him without flowers. This was one of the most memorable and special parts of that very special day. When my wedding planning gets out of perspective, I just remember the way I felt when I realized what those flowers represented: a caring, thoughtful, creative future husband!

Thanks for sharing your tips, Natalie! Here are a few links to some weddings we’ve worked on together. I adore working with Natalie and think she is so very talented! 1) Cornerstone Sonoma, 2) Copia, and 3) University Club. Enjoy!

If you would like to be featured in our Five Quick Tips feature, please email us at info at amynichols dot com.

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