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Five Quick Wedding Tips from Stephanie Frazier Grimm of Couture Parties

Wedding Planning Tips

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Stephanie Frazier Grimm does it all! After starting and selling Mama & Bambino, a baby gifts and accessories line, Stephanie began Couture Parties. Stephanie takes pride in becoming her client’s right hand and confidant, which her Couture Wedding Parties clients especially love. Check out Stephanie’s blog and follow her on twitter (@coutureparties) — you’ll be amazed by this party girl!

Here are Stephanie’s Five Quick Wedding Tips:

1. Be open about a venue. Don’t think that you can not have a tent wedding “if it is going to rain.” Lighting, fabric, and other design elements can change any white canvas to the venue of your dreams….even in your own backyard.

2. Decide what is most important to you first. Food, entertainment, decor, photography, location. Once you have locked in that favorite vendor, the rest of the decisions seem easier, because subconsciously all your energy is focused on the “favorite” element. Personally, photographer was my priority.

3. Don’t follow trends or copy someone’s else wedding you saw in a magazine. Get inspiration and change it into YOUR day, make it about you as a couple. Remember you are doing this to join as a family, not what everyone else has done in cyberspace.

4. Remember to switch your engagement ring to your right hand before you walk down the aisle. Your band should always be closest to your heart.

5. When you are looking for ideas for flowers for your wedding, print out things you DO NOT like. Hand them to your florist so they are sure not to create that design.  It is much easier to look at something visually then trying to describe it,  Two people can interpret designs completely different. Your idea of “romantic” may really mean “contemporary.” Proper communication, equals a happy couple.

We have a couple more questions for Stephanie…

What was your favorite thing about your wedding?
We had a Band AND a DJ. The DJ started playing at the end of the night when the dance party really started. I remember my two friends getting on the mic sing the Humpy Dance by Digital Underground. Yes, my fancy wedding had rap music….and I would not have changed it for the world! We also had an ice cream bar, people still talk about it eight years later!

If you could change one thing about your wedding, what would it be?
I would have had the guys wear blazers, Lilly Pulitzer ties and khaki’s. That is more Paul and my style, but we thought we had to be “fancy and formal,” which is SO not us!

Thank you, Stephanie, for those great suggestions!

If you would like to be featured in our Five Quick Tips feature, please email us at info at amynichols dot com.

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