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Five Quick Wedding Planning Tips with Christy Weber, Co-Founder & Executive Editor of Junebug Weddings

Wedding Planning Tips

Photo Courtesy of Junebug Weddings
Christy Weber is the Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Junebug Weddings, a truly fantastic wedding blog with resources and inspiration. Be sure to also check out their Photobug blog which will entertain you for hours more.
Here are Christy’s 5 Quick Wedding Planning Tips:
1. Before planning really begins, sit down with your partner and create a list of the top priorities you each have for your wedding. As things move along check in with each other regularly to be sure that the decisions you’re making really reflect your main priorities and that you’re following your heart and your intuition every step of the way.
2. Hire wedding professionals you trust and really connect with personally. You will spend a lot of time with them throughout your wedding planning process and your wedding day, and the right team will add more magic to your wedding and your life than you can imagine!
3. Good etiquette never goes out of style. You may get overwhelmed with advice, opinions and wants from others, but if you can be strong and gracious at the same time, those moments when tensions run high will be just that – moments.
4. Give gratitude. Thank those around you who have contributed their time and energy to your wedding, as well as those who have helped shape your life. Your heart and theirs will be bigger for it.
5. On your wedding day, try to be in the moment. Slow down, breath deeply, look around and take it all in. Feel how much you’re loved and savor every sweet second of it. If things don’t go perfectly as planned on the big day, let it go. You’re getting married (hooray!) and that’s all that matters!
Thank you, Christy, for sharing your tips with our readers!
If you would like to be featured in our Five Quick Tips feature, please email us at info at amynichols dot com.
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