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Five Quick Wedding Planning Tips from Suzy Clement of Suzy Clement Photographs

Wedding Planning Tips

Today’s Five Quick Wedding Planning Tips come from Suzy Clement of Suzy Clement Photographs.  Suzy is a talented photographer whose beautiful work is often featured
in publications such at Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides and Style Me
Pretty.  She is a joy to be around, and with her warm personality and
laid back vibe she puts any bride at ease.  Much more wisdom and
photography expertise from Suzy can be found in her new book, Weddings: From Snapshots to Great Shots.

Here are Suzy’s Five Quick Planning Tips with a focus on her specialty of photography:

1.  First of all, chemistry counts!  When selecting your photographer, consider
more than just their images.  You will be
spending most of your wedding day with this person… do you genuinely like
her?  Will you feel relaxed with this
person in your presence on  the big
day?  Think about your family and guests,
also.  Is this someone you can envision
having a conversation with your grandmother, or with Uncle Harry,  the amateur photographer in the family who
loves to “talk shop”?  You want your
wedding photographer to enhance your experience of the day (and that of your
guests), not detract from it!
2.  Consider
the light when timing the ceremony.  People are drawn to the idea of a sunset ceremony,
but the reality is that you will get many more beautiful, natural-light shots
if you schedule the ceremony a couple hours before sunset.  That way, there will still be lots of
gorgeous light for the post-ceremony formals as well as cocktail hour candids
and romantic portraits of the two of you.
3.  Work
with your photographer during the planning process.  An
experienced shooter knows the importance of planning ahead for the day’s
photography and will communicate with you and your planner, if you have one, to
gather the information she needs to coordinate the shot list, schedule, and so
forth.  Be responsive to her requests and
suggestions so that she’ll have what she needs to plan appropriately.
4.  Plan to see one another before the ceremony.  I never force this on my clients, but the
reality is that the day flows much more smoothly when the couple sees one
another in advance of the ceremony.  I
find that my couples are so much more relaxed, and we can then get many, if not
all, of the “formal” family and wedding party portraits out of the way – so
that after the ceremony, everyone can simply head to cocktail hour.  I always work with clients to ensure that the
moment of seeing one another is a beautiful, special one – it just happens to
take place before the ceremony!
5.  Be
sure you understand what happens after the wedding.  Find out
about the album process, options, and costs so that there are no surprises
after the fact.  There are countless
decisions to be made – what album type? 
What cover material?  What images
to include?  It can be quite daunting,
and you should make sure your photographer is willing to assist you as much as
you need.  And make sure the actual
design of the albums suit your taste.  Your photographer should be interested in
helping you create something elegant and classic that will stand the test of
time — not look dated in ten years.
Suzy, thank you for your wonderful tips!
If you would like to be featured in our Five Quick Tips column, email us at info AT amynichols DOT com!
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