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If you want a lively reception and you want to make sure EVERYONE is on the dance floor, we can't recommend Rescue Flats enough! These premium genuine and faux leather flats will help your female wedding guests literally kick off their heels and boogie down. They are also SO comfortable, really cute, and this company is constantly supporting and empowering women and female-led charities! Need more reasons? 10 simple reasons why Rescue Flats are your perfect wedding detail: 1. Thrilled Guests Your guests will love wearing their Rescue Flats on the dance floor and...

Press: Tips From The Pros On Planning Around COVID-19

Stylized photoshoot by Gertrude & Mabel Amy shared her stylized shoot and her own tips in this article with Destination I Do! Double-check your contracts. When it comes to downsizing your guest list, make sure you know how it affects your budget. Amy says: “With a smaller guest list, you should have many expenses that are lower, due to a smaller guest count. Certain costs (flowers, food & beverage) will be substantially lower if your guest count has shrunk. Other costs however, (your planner, venue, photographer) may stay the same regardless of...

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Press: The Small Wedding Movement & How You Can Host Meaningful Nuptials in a Post-COVID-19 World

Press: The Small Wedding Movement & How You Can Host Meaningful Nuptials in a Post-COVID-19 World

Photo Credit: Averyhouse

The idea of hosting an intimate wedding isn’t new, but in light of pandemic-related restrictions on gatherings, it’s a concept that’s seeing a strong renewed interest. In fact, there’s a small weddings movement afoot, with a growing number of event professionals invested in finding new ways to make petite-sized nuptials more accessible and turnkey — while preserving what is most special about weddings: gathering to celebrate the union of two special people.

Read all of Amy‘s tips in this Party Slate here.

Press: What to Know About Virtual Events

Press: What to Know About Virtual Events

Who would have thought way back in 2019 that virtual events would be a thing? You guys… it’s a thing, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. In this episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, we’re chatting about virtual events, some tips to know if you’re trying to take them on, as well as what vendor categories in the wedding industry are best suited to get in on the action.

In this episode, Amy shared:

  • The inherent challenges of live broadcasts and why they aren’t as easy as many people like to think that they are
  • Technical tips for moving from in-person events to virtual events
  • Ideas for how various vendor categories that can take advantage of virtual events, including stationers, videographers, DJs, hair and makeup artists and planners
  • Thinking through pricing for virtual events

Hear the full episode here.

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