Press: Everything You Need to Know About Planning the Menu for Your Micro Wedding

Photo Credit: Julie Mikos A micro wedding is designed to be an intimate affair, and typically that means there are no more than 50 guests on the list. But just because you’re going the micro route, it definitely doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the details. It might just be the opposite. Amy speaks to her experience on how to make a micro wedding still everything you've dreamt of: “If you want to do a raw bar or a charcuterie board, offer them in individual servings to prevent people from serving themselves from a large platter.” Read the whole article on...

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Press: What to Know About Virtual Events

Press: What to Know About Virtual Events

Who would have thought way back in 2019 that virtual events would be a thing? You guys… it’s a thing, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. In this episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, we’re chatting about virtual events, some tips to know if you’re trying to take them on, as well as what vendor categories in the wedding industry are best suited to get in on the action.

In this episode, Amy shared:

  • The inherent challenges of live broadcasts and why they aren’t as easy as many people like to think that they are
  • Technical tips for moving from in-person events to virtual events
  • Ideas for how various vendor categories that can take advantage of virtual events, including stationers, videographers, DJs, hair and makeup artists and planners
  • Thinking through pricing for virtual events

Hear the full episode here.

Press: How to Host a Wedding at Home from Brides

Press: How to Host a Wedding at Home from Brides

Rachel Havel Photography

Our fearless leader, Amy, was just featured on Brides as they offered 17 tips for gracefully adapting your home environment for I dos.

There are so many benefits to hosting a wedding in the privacy of your own home—sense of familiarity, undeniable charm and unique sentiment make for a day that’s original and noteworthy. Inviting your loved ones into a space that holds some of your most cherished memories—as a child, an adult, or both!—nothing says love like a wedding fit with a “home sweet home” welcome mat. Since residences are rarely suited for events and large gatherings, private homes need considerable attention when it comes to finalizing logistics like lighting, parking, and additional rentals.

We love the tips on using spaces that have special meanings and not skimping on the entertainment space, but number 13 is our favorite!

Press: How to Reorganize Your Budget and Timeline Due to COVID

Press: How to Reorganize Your Budget and Timeline Due to COVID

Photo Credit: Gertrude & Mabel Photography

Amy gives insight on how to look on the bright side if you are one of the many engaged couples during COVID in this recent article by Destination I Do.

The article explains how to reorganize your budget based on a smaller guest list as well as how to adjust your timeline due to COVID.

“No matter what you decide, if it’s to get married now with an elopement or small guest list or to push your large celebration off to a later date, just remember the why behind getting married. Your celebration might not be what you imagined, but isn’t it with the who you imagined it with?”

Don’t miss Amy on Intimate I Do’s for more destination wedding insight!

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